Why We Proudly Represent Boutique Marketing

There are major problems and misconceptions pertaining to running a marketing agency. When I think of the term “marketing agency” a lot of fluff and flash comes to mind: cool and trendy downtown offices, nice coffee machines and unpaid ambitious interns with brand new MacBooks of the latest model. These employees are eager, young marketing[…]

A Simple Guide to Funneling Your Website Traffic

One of the biggest missed opportunities we see is when companies don’t know how to funnel their website traffic properly. You can find thousands of marketing blogs talking about how to increase website traffic, but very few blogs actually show you how to correctly funnel and convert your website traffic into actual leads or paying[…]

5 Things Your Office Needs to Prepare for the Future

Our ultimate goal here at GoEdison is to help small businesses grow.  No matter in what form that growth comes in. Although we have a specialized focus on small business marketing, we fully understand many smaller businesses fail because of outdated internal processes, poor office management, and not being able to see potential growth opportunities. Today,[…]

Top 3 Reasons to Hire Outside for Your Digital Marketing

Human nature causes most of us to bristle at the mention of just about any dollar figure that’s $500 or greater. However, sometimes it’s helpful to gain perspective when asking ourselves, “What’s the alternative?” There are many reasons to consider outside help for digital marketing, and below is a list of some of the main[…]

Five Awesome Small Business Marketing Tools

Small business owners understand the terms “being stretched thin” and overworked. That’s why it’s essential for small business owners to have the right tools in place to help them work more efficiently. The term “work smarter, not harder” couldn’t hold more weight and be more relatable to someone trying to run a full time business.[…]

Why We Preach Interactive Content Marketing

When you breakdown our sole purpose and our GoEdison brand, you can say it stems from curiosity, passion, creation, and of course, it wouldn’t be any kind of Edison at all if we didn’t mention, invention. (We know,  try and focus real hard and not get hungry by the waving pizza up top. Consider this[…]