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Digital Marketing

We specialize in effective digital marketing strategies that allow you to achieve your marketing goals.

Content Creation

Our initiative is to help you create content that builds likability, trust, and a genuinely engaged audience for your business.

Growth Strategies

We believe in the power of having strategies in place, both internally and externally, that help your business run more effectively and ultimately allow your business to grow.


We're a small business, just like you. We understand. We care.
No longer do small businesses have to be intimidated

Here at GoEdison, our main goal is to help smaller businesses succeed with strong content marketing strategies. We have a key focus on digital marketing, content creation, and turn-key branding. We understand the impact and investment it takes for a business to trust us with their marketing; that's why we strive to create great value, measurable results, and quality work. We offer premium services for a humble and modest price. To put it simply, we don't believe in the status quo.

  • Genuine Relationships

    You're more than a client. We create partnerships.

  • True Investment

    We fully invest in your business. We're human, and we care about the work we do for you.


    Some of our best meetings happen over a good cup of joe. Let us treat you to coffee. Let's create and build.


    We produce results based off YOUR needs and goals.


We believe in innovation with a blue collar work approach. We're everyday people, just like you.
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James Harper

Founder & CEO
I believe small business is the soul of our economy & entrepreneurship is the fuel. We are fully dedicated to growth, quality and community.
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James Davis

Co-Founder & CFO
As co-founder of GoEdison, I’m also involved in a small business, and it allows us to not only remain nimble and efficient, but empathize with our clients. Our goals are parallel with our clients’ goals.
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Shawna Linquist

Marketing & Sales Account Manager
Revenue is not the life-blood of small business; relationships are the life-blood. I believe we’re only as good as our relationships. I’m proud to be a part of a business that knows this and lives by it.
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Regaina Clinton

Social Media Specialist
I believe that success is the product of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Being apart of a small business has brought me many successes, including the ability to work from home so I can raise my two little girls.
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Connor Storer

Web Developer
Integrity, intelligence, and energy. If you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. We have all three so I can assure you we will not kill you :)
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Lila Downing

Content Writer
Life isn’t about being perfect, it’s about staying in the ready position, finding opportunities and putting forth great effort.
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Ashley Yousef

Content Writer
Successful brands of the future care about people; branding is the result of a company that cares. At GoEdison, we care about people because it’s quality people that generate quality results.


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