How Much Selling is Too Much?

Okay…you decide you’re tired of working for The Man, and you start your own business. Everything is set; now you’re ready to get yourself some clients. Like all business owners, there a few ways to get in front of your potential clients: cold calling, networking and referrals just to name a few. Once you have[…]


Capturing Your Audience’s Attention Immediately

At GoEdison, we are all about variety, and of course, high quality and valuable content. Our friend Nick Berliner, Founder and CEO of The Caelus Camera, was nice enough to write a guest post about getting your audience attention with a video. In today’s day and age, people spend very little time focusing on just one thing,[…]

Small Business Marketing- Business Growth

Three Reasons Your Business Growth Is Stagnant

It’s no secret every business owner can relate to the familiar feeling of frustration, concern or fear about the state of their current business growth. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is getting to know a diverse range of companies and business owners. We get to hear business owners’ frustrations, learn their[…]

3 Reasons Your Business Should Use Social Media Marketing

  There are many businesses who’ve read the title, and I can hear the knee-jerk reactions as if I’m there myself, “We’re already doing social media marketing!” Almost all of the responses I’m “hearing” are the exact sentence above; the only difference is in the mixture of tones. Some of the voices I hear are coming[…]

3 Lessons Learned From Getting Our First 25 Leads

It’s no secret that digital marketing is the way of the future and here to stay. It feels like every blog you read is talking about another small business that’s investing heavily in creative digital marketing campaigns; it’s bringing them major inbound leads and success! It’s true many small businesses are now shifting focus and[…]

Are You Being Smart with Your Small Business Marketing?

  Perspective is everything when discussing a proposal with a company needing to up their game in the digital marketing arena. In our local market, digital marketing Denver companies and/or content marketing Denver companies are vast, but this is no threat to a company like GoEdison as the result of our relationships, and – more[…]

Why Selling is (Nearly) Dead

When was the last time you purchased something without researching it? While it is has been easy to research products for a while, it is now common to find reviews on landscapers, accountants, doctors and nearly any service you are planning to purchase. And that has changed how consumers and businesses purchase services. When my[…]