Are You Being Smart with Your Small Business Marketing?

  Perspective is everything when discussing a proposal with a company needing to up their game in the digital marketing arena. In our local market, digital marketing Denver companies and/or content marketing Denver companies are vast, but this is no threat to a company like GoEdison as the result of our relationships, and – more[…]

Why Selling is (Nearly) Dead

When was the last time you purchased something without researching it? While it is has been easy to research products for a while, it is now common to find reviews on landscapers, accountants, doctors and nearly any service you are planning to purchase. And that has changed how consumers and businesses purchase services. When my[…]

Teaming Up With Small Business Advocates In Your Community

Small Business Advocates We’ve been growing fast this last year. More importantly, as we’ve continued to grow, our clients continue to grow as well. However, we’ve never been complacent, and we’re definitely not satisfied with our small victories. We’re not unhappy with our progress; it has been overwhelming how fast things have advanced, and we’re[…]

Being Consistent with Your Content Marketing

Would it make sense to run a relay race with four runners, yet only two of them were willing to run their fastest – if run at all? What if the fourth runner didn’t only finish last (obviously), but didn’t finish at all? Imagine if the above four runners trained for months, had themselves positioned[…]

Are You Having Fun with Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Whether creating content internally for a business, or generating content for clients, it’s important to gauge the feeling behind the message. When writing content, and it starts to feel like I’m trying to put square pegs in round holes that are on fire, I’ll stop and gauge everything. There’s no escaping the feeling we have[…]

Why We Proudly Represent Boutique Marketing

There are major problems and misconceptions pertaining to running a marketing agency. When I think of the term “marketing agency” a lot of fluff and flash comes to mind: cool and trendy downtown offices, nice coffee machines and unpaid ambitious interns with brand new MacBooks of the latest model. These employees are eager, young marketing[…]

A Simple Guide to Funneling Your Website Traffic

One of the biggest missed opportunities we see is when companies don’t know how to funnel their website traffic properly. You can find thousands of marketing blogs talking about how to increase website traffic, but very few blogs actually show you how to correctly funnel and convert your website traffic into actual leads or paying[…]