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Here at GoEdison, it’s no secret that we love and fully believe in the power of content marketing. Almost 90% of our clients work with us to enhance their content marketing efforts. We believe in the power of a strong brand and a great content marketing strategy is a great co-partner to a wonderful online brand.

If you’ve made it to this page, you have shown us you’re dedicated to learning more about how a good content marketing strategy could help your business grow. Before we start to put a content strategy in place, we first have to evaluate the current content strategy and the current content on your website. We offer FREE content marketing audits with zero obligation to sign up. We want to influence businesses to shift their marketing focuses away from selling and more into helping and influencing.

When you inquire about our free Content Marketing Audit you will receive a wealth of valuable information for your business moving forward. Listed below are all the valuable items and information you will receive with our free audit.

Benefits of our Free Content Audit Include

  • A specific content marketing report tailored to your company and industry
  • High level market research specific to your industry
  • One competitor content overview. Gain great insight and understand what your competition is doing
  • A content calendar template
  • Simple strategy tips that will enhance your weekly website traffic and online engagement

If you’re ready to take the next step with your content marketing, sign up below. We take every inquiry through this page very serious and spend a great amount of time doing our research on your company and industry. We ask that you provide not only your name and email address, but you also write us a brief message about why you want our content audit. We have to understand your needs in order for us to help solve your current marketing problems.


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