Our Team

“Team” definition; Root meaning – Come together as a group to achieve a common goal.

James Harper: Founder and CEO

James-PhotoI’m James Harper, Founder and CEO of GoEdison. (That still feels strange to say). Thanks for visiting us, we hope you give us a call, or take us up on our free coffee dates we like to have.

For the last five years I’ve had the privilege of working in the ever evolving industry of digital marketing. I’ve also had great opportunity over the last five years to work with some wonderful brands and companies at the multi-million dollar corporate level, to the non-profit sector, and almost everything else in-between. This has given me the ability to learn the importance of sustainable growth at all levels, and what it truly takes for a business to be successful.

I have a strong passion for developing partnerships with people and businesses of integrity. Here at GoEdison, we practice our core values on a daily basis, and love the clients we work with.

Feel free to connect with via LinkedIn or email me at James@GoEdison.com


James Davis: Co-founder and COO

Jim-BW-PhotoI’m James Davis – co-founder and COO of GoEdison. It’s our pleasure to work with you and introduce you to the start of a brighter path toward revitalizing your marketing dollars.

I’ve had the privilege of over twelve years of market-level experience in the financial world seeing virtually every industry and thousands of companies, but – most importantly – finding the harmony in our global economy despite the industry, which lies within the only sustainable competitive advantage in business today: the people. It’s through working relationships that the financials are possible; the numbers don’t create themselves, and they’re not the competitive advantage, but a by-product of the people behind them.

Seeing the numbers and having the ability to decipher them is crucial; however, the ability to generate those results is where the rubber hits the road. Here at GoEdison, we have a genuine passion for the operations behind company financials, and it begins with the people and the relationships that create the systems, which allows for the strategy and its execution.

We look forward to our future together developing a strategy for success through our on-going relationships in our community however far or close – big or small.

Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn or email me at Jimbo@GoEdison.com