Small Business Marketing- Business Growth

Three Reasons Your Business Growth Is Stagnant

It’s no secret every business owner can relate to the familiar feeling of frustration, concern or fear about the state of their current business growth. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is getting to know a diverse range of companies and business owners. We get to hear business owners’ frustrations, learn their[…]

Being Consistent with Your Content Marketing

Would it make sense to run a relay race with four runners, yet only two of them were willing to run their fastest – if run at all? What if the fourth runner didn’t only finish last (obviously), but didn’t finish at all? Imagine if the above four runners trained for months, had themselves positioned[…]

Are You Having Fun with Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Whether creating content internally for a business, or generating content for clients, it’s important to gauge the feeling behind the message. When writing content, and it starts to feel like I’m trying to put square pegs in round holes that are on fire, I’ll stop and gauge everything. There’s no escaping the feeling we have[…]

Why We Preach Interactive Content Marketing

When you breakdown our sole purpose and our GoEdison brand, you can say it stems from curiosity, passion, creation, and of course, it wouldn’t be any kind of Edison at all if we didn’t mention, invention. (We know,  try and focus real hard and not get hungry by the waving pizza up top. Consider this[…]

Why Video Content is Your Secret Ingredient

When people say “content is king” what type of content are they referencing? Content marketing over the last five years has evolved. It went from simple blogs to generate more website traffic, to intense brand storytelling, to published articles and guest blogging, now it’s evolved to podcasting and video content. So ask yourself this; What[…]