Are You Having Fun with Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Whether creating content internally for a business, or generating content for clients, it’s important to gauge the feeling behind the message. When writing content, and it starts to feel like I’m trying to put square pegs in round holes that are on fire, I’ll stop and gauge everything. There’s no escaping the feeling we have[…]

Top 3 Reasons to Hire Outside for Your Digital Marketing

Human nature causes most of us to bristle at the mention of just about any dollar figure that’s $500 or greater. However, sometimes it’s helpful to gain perspective when asking ourselves, “What’s the alternative?” There are many reasons to consider outside help for digital marketing, and below is a list of some of the main[…]

Digital Marketing is Do or Die for Today’s Politicians

It’s that time when those ads we all love begin – alluding to the dramatic music, family photos with the dog by the tire swing, and all the terrible things about the opponent revealed by a foreboding voice actor. For many of us, the game hasn’t changed, the two parties build-up their campaigns, they raise[…]

Why Coffee and Small Business Go Together

  It’s not ironic the two things we’re most passionate about happen to run hand-in-hand. Insert coffee and business. Every morning I get up and I write down 10 ideas that could potentially help a smaller business gain some kind of forward momentum and traction. These ideas are totally random – sometimes off-the-wall – but[…]

Small Business: The Spirit of Our Economy Entrepreneurship: The Fuel

Starting is the key to everything. Starting can take the form of an idea, a journal, a purchase, showing up to an invite, or simply getting out of the house, or even the bed for those who’re seriously lacking drive. Regardless of the form the start takes, the start generates the needed initial momentum, and[…]